We are a research and innovation-focused consulting company based in İzmir, Turkey.  İzmir, the 3rd biggest city of Turkey, is a coastal city along the Aegean Sea and it is an important port with the west regions of Turkey as its hinterland. Our service domain is not limited to İzmir, we also provide service to our clients all across Turkey, mainly in industrial locations like Gebze and İstanbul.

The scope of our consultancy service is R&D and innovation projects at national and EU level.

We deliver exclusively tailored knowledge-based consulting services to our partners. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we are now very well integrated within the R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem both in İzmir and across Turkey and we work as a R&I hub, facilitating development, submission and management of successful projects by bringing our partners having a special need in touch with the partners offering corresponding solutions (or vice versa), leading them to the appropriate national and EU funding opportunities, and assisting them all the way through the process.

We have another company, Emoda Yazilim, which is an innovative ICT company delivering customer-tailored software solutions in the Technopark of İzmir Institute of Technology. Similarly, we work in close collaboration with the Technology Transfer Offices of 2 distinguished universities in İzmir.


Our mission is to deliver exclusively tailored high quality consulting services to our clients.


Our vision is to be one of the leading European consultancy companies for Framework Programme projects, providing its clients with the highest quality services to ensure them benefit from grants and supports at the maximum level.